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April 17, 2008
Dos and don'ts during a porch inspection
If the building you manage has porch(es) that received a violation notice from the City, an inspection will be required once the construction is complete. Building inspector's sign off on the permit will result in dismissal of the case and should also prevent the fines from being imposed on the building owner. 

Here are some dos and don'ts which should help you in having the porch construction approved quickly:

1. Call the supervisor to schedule the inspection. You will find the phone number on the violation notice or on the City website (make sure you call the correct Chicago district). The best times to call are:
     - between 7am-9am
     - right after 10am.
2. Always inform the contractor of the date and time of the inspection. If the inspector has any questions or comments, the builder should be there. He is the most qualified to address them.

3.  Make sure the original permit and drawings are at the site for the inspector's review. Usually, the builder will bring them along. However you can remind him about that, just in case.

4. If the inspector is late, don't call his supervisor right away. When you do call, try to be polite and understanding. The inspectors have a very flexible schedule and sometimes they just can't make it for the appointment.  

5. Let the inspector review the drawings and inspect the porch first. If you have any questions, wait until he's done. If the inspector is distracted, he/she might miss something.

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