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February 20, 2008
New porch design - engineer's experience is an important factor
Porch drawings have to be drawn by a licensed professional. This means that practically every state licensed architect or engineer can design the structure.

Such a porch may be code compliant but it is likely that you will not only pay a lot more than you should have, but also the porch will not last as long as it could have.

If an A-E does not specialize in porches, the following can and most likely will occur:
- the structure will be overdesigned (which equals to more money to build it)
- life expectancy of the porch will decrease - application of wrong connections will cause the members to work incorrectly with each other resulting in faster deterioration.

The Porch People have over 25 years of experience in building porches. Our structural engineers specialize in designing such structures. Together we can guarantee code compliant, visually attractive and cost effective product.

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