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January 10, 2008
Metal vs. wood porch
What is the difference between a metal and
a wood porch?

1. The cost - on average a metal porch is 50% more expensive.

2. Life expectancy - a wood porch will last longer (if properly maintained it can last up to 50 years)

3. Maintenance - a wood porch has to be waterproofed every 1-3 years. A metal porch has to be sandblasted and painted to avoid rusting. This process can be extremely time-consuming and expensive if performed in the field.

4. Convenience - a metal porch will heat up like an oven in the summer. A wood porch will not.

5. Appearance - a steel porch has an industrial, very rough look.

6. Application - a wood porch can be constructed on buildings up to 3 floors (4 if you count an English basement). Steel - no restrictions.

The choice belongs to the building owner. The Porch People will be happy to provide you an estimate for both.

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