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December 20, 2007
FAQ - repair vs. replacement of a porch
Q: Do I need drawings and a permit for porch work?

A: In most cases - yes. If you received a violation notice from the City, the inspector may make a note that permit and/or drawings are not required in case of some non-structural repairs.
If the repairs are structural or you decide to replace the porch, then you will definitely need both.

Q: How long will the repairs last for?

A: Not very long unfortunately. When we repair
a porch, we use brand new, hand-selected premium lumber. It may be of different kind that originally was used during construction. It will also have different moisture content, color, texture, etc.
Such repairs will not only look unaesthetic but will also lower the life expectancy of the porch. New lumber will work differently than the old one, posts will twist, break, etc.
Q: Are repairs covered by warranty?

A: Lumber itself is not covered by a warranty. Labor - depends on a contractor. The trend on the market is not to warrant repairs.
The Porch People, regardless if it is a repair or replacement project, warrant both labor and material.

Q: Do you provide free estimates?

A: Yes, we do. We will not only provide you with a free quote but also answer all your questions regarding the permit process, scheduling and construction.

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