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February 6, 2008
Porch foundations - A How-to
Porch foundations are an integral part of the porch structure. According to the building codes of Chicago and suburbs, porch foundations (commonly called 'footings') need to go 42" below the ground level. How is it done in reality? Many contractors - carpenters don't really bother with concrete. What they do is flatwork, which appears legitimate, but in fact is not. Suburban inspectors usually want to see the actual pouring of the concrete. The City of Chicago is different.

An unethical contractor can easily cheat a building owner or Property Manager into believing everything is done per code. A city inspector might even approve it at the site. However, during another inspection a different inspector may require proof  that the footings have been poured correctly. The Porch People not only certify that all concrete work has been done per code but also document the entire process. So if 5 years from now an inspector shows up and demands proof - WE GOT IT.

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